Chiropractic Exams

The Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board is the body that regulates chiropractors in Canada.  This body conducts clinical competency exams for individuals seeking licensure to practice chiropractic in Canada. They are responsible for the development, delivery, and administration of three exams including Chiropractic Knowledge (Component A), Clinical Decision Making (Component B), and Clinical Skills Demonstration (Component C).

Please click below to access the 2020 Chiropractic Exam schedule to ensure you have met the registration deadline.

Chiropractic Practice Exam sample offers 25 free Component A practice exam questions and 25 Component B practice exam questions.  These sample questions are provided for you to preview the type of questions and exam formating of the practice exams.

Chiropractic Practice Exam bundle offers online access to 6 practice exams (3 Component A and 3 Component B). Each practice exam contains 220 multiple choice questions.