Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Question: I purchased my practice exams and I was not re-directed after payment from PayPal. Where can I access my exams?

Answer: Click the “My Account” link in the headings. This page will show you all the exams you have access to under “Quizzes to complete”.


Question: Am I allowed multiple attempts for each practice exam?

Answer: Yes. You have unlimited exam attempts. Each exam questions and answers will be randomized with each attempt.


Question: Can I save my practice exam and return to the exam at a later date?

Answer: Yes. During the practice exam, scroll down to the bottom and select save. Once logged back in at a later time or day, you can return to that specific exam to complete.


Question: I noticed an answer to one of the questions is incorrect, what should I do?

Answer: If you find an answer to a question in one of the practice exams is incorrect, please email us at  Provide us the exam number, exam question and the correct answer.  We will review it and provide an update within 24hrs.


Question: I completed an exam and I would like to redo the same exam. Where do I go?

Answer: Go to “My Account” page, in the “Completed quizzes” section, click the exam you would like to redo.  See below


Question: I completed one of the practice exams and I would like to redo it.  Will the questions and answers be in the same order as previous?

Answer: No.  Each time you start a new or previous attempted practice exam, the questions and answers will be randomized for each attempt.


Question: How recent are these practice exam questions?

Answer: Practice exam questions are updated each year by several prominent Registered Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist instructors.