CSEP-CEP Sample Questions

CSEP-CEP Sample Questions

Note:  This CSEP-CEP sample theory exam contains 12 questions.  The complete CSEP-CEP practice exams contain 120 questions each. Good luck!


Which of the following is the proper emergency response for a client who has experienced a cardiac arrest but now is breathing and has a palpable pulse?


Which of the following would you not expect to occur with increased workout load?


An exercise physiologist wants to calculate working intensity within the anaerobic zone for a 28-year-old male hockey player.  What would be his lower and upper training threshold if his maximum heart rate is 185?


A 55-years-old male client has been referred to an exercise physiologist by his physician after excessive weight gain from his new job. His weight is 90 kg, height 146 cm and waist circumference 130 cm. What is his BMI?


A 55-year-old male referred to exercise physiologist complains of shortness of breath, excessive coughing and mucus production. The patient indicates he would like to begin an exercise program but it concerned because of these symptoms have been bothering him for the last 7 years.  Which of the following is an indication of the patient's present condition?

6. Full and normal range of motion requires appropriate functioning of all tissues. In active ROM (AROM) what must happen to the fascia in assessing proper function?


The perceived seriousness of a potential health problem is the main predictors of behavioural change.  Which of the following behavioural change model does this describe?


A 25-year-old female client is 8 weeks pregnant and would like to begin a new exercise program.  Which of the following is an appropriate method of monitoring exercise intensity for a pregnant client?


A 42-year-old female client needs to be trained at 80% of her HRR.  Her resting pulse is 75 and age-adjusted maximum heart rate is 180.  Using the Karvonen Method, what is this client's appropriate exercise intensity?


Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the cardiovascular system to efficiently pump blood throughout the body, delivery blood and essential oxygen to which of the following parts of the body?


What somatosensory pathway conveys the impulses from the proprioceptors, indicating the joint position sense towards thalamus?


A 66-year-old female was prescribed a new medication that tends to promote postural hypotension. Her exercise physiologist determines she's at an increased fall risk with her new prescription. What medication is most consistent with this situation?