COKO Exam Breakdown

The COKO exam consist of 175 multiple choice questions with an allotted time to complete in three hours.

The exam is based on the COKO Scope of Practice and the Core Competency domains outlined in College of Kinesiologists of Ontario’s Exam Details.

The follow is a breakdown of the number of questions the candidate will see on the exam:

Exam Format Passing Grade Exam Duration
COKO 175 Multiple Choice Questions 450 (scaled scoring) 3 Hrs.

The scaled score is the conversion of an applicant’s raw score on the exam to a common measurement scale.
The passing score is 450 on a scale ranging from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 700


Category Percentage Weight Number of Questions
Knowledge 20-25% 45
Kinesiology Practical Experience – Assessment 15-20% 30
Kinesiology Practical Experience – Services 20-25% 35
Professionalism/Professional Practice 25-30% 45
Communication and Collaboration 5-10% 10
Professional Development 5-10% 10
Total 100% 175