COKO Exam – Sample Questions

COKO Sample Questions

Note:  This COKO sample exam contains 15 questions.  The complete COKO practice exams contain 175 questions each. Good luck!


A kinesiologist performing an initial client assessment for Lorraine.  Lorraine has walked for 1 hour/per day, 6 days/week for the last 7 years.  She informs you that four times over the previous 6 months she has been becoming dizzy during her walks and had one episode of syncope during a walk.  Lorraine has not spoken with her physician about these episodes and attributes them to her not having eaten enough prior to her exercise bout.  As a kinesiologist, what would be the most prudent course of action for Lorraine?


If a female client's BMI is measured at 36 kg/m² and a waist circumference of 85 cm, what would be her BMI classification and risk of disease?


An athlete running a 200 m sprint would be an activity utilizing which of the following energy systems?


The ethical and legal obligation for kinesiologists and the facility they work ensure that clients are reasonably safe is called:


A kinesiologist begins a fitness assessment on a 28-year-old male.  The client presents with the lengthening and weakening of the lower and middle trapezius and shortening and tightening of the upper trapezius and pectorals.  Also, it appears the client is not breathing in an optimal manner, however, he does not mentioned of any pain during the exercises. Which of the following does the client most likely have?


Healthy senior population should engage in aerobic exercise programs that provides which of the following?


Trevor, a competitive tennis player, is looking to increase his endurance on the court to handle longer matches.  If Trevor is to perform two to three sets of each training exercise, how many reps should he perform?


Which of the following joint classifications would be described as slightly moveable?


A client exhibits significant weakness in the lower right extremity.  During the most recent session, the client was able to complete an independent straight leg raise as shown.  What muscle is emphasized in the following exercise?


What is the manual muscle testing grade of motion with gravity eliminated?


A kinesiologist observes a client during a gait training.  The client has equal leg length and normal strength.  As the client passes midstance he slightly vaults and exhibits early toe off.  What is the most likely cause of this deviation?


A kinesiologist would like to modify anterior lunges activity to maximally challenge the patient in the sagittal plane. Which of the following modifications would be the most appropriate?


A kinesiologist uses the Six-Minute Walk Test as a means of quantifying functional status in a client with heart disease.  During the testing the client expresses to the kinesiologist that they need to rest.  What is the most appropriate kinesiologist action?


A mandatory report must be made in writing to the Registrar of the College of the member who is the subject of the report within ________ of learning of the abuse.


Kinesiologists working directly with patients or clients will be asked what type of questions during a peer and practice assessment?