CPNRE Sample Questions

CPNRE Sample Questions

Note: This Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) sample exam contains 20 questions.  Each CPNRE practice exam contains a total of 170 questions. Good luck!


A practical nurse is providing care to a Japanese Canadian client who is terminally ill.  A number of family members visit numerous times a day and are all very emotional.  What is the most appropriate nursing action for this client?


A practical nurse is providing care for a client with chronic lung disease who is receiving oxygen through a nasal cannula.  The nurse should expect which of the following to occur?


Aileen, a nurse educator, is conducting an educational session with a group of new practical nurses. Aileen explains the hospital uses evidence-informed practice to guide clinical decision making.  Which of the following statements best describes this type of practice?


A practical nurse is working at a nursing facility.  The nurse enters the client's room and sees the client attempting to pull himself up from a sitting position on the floor.  The nurse inquires with the client as to what happened.  The client responds "I slipped".  Which of the following should the nurse document in the incident report?


Natalie is a public health nurse responsible for contact tracing of individuals identified in confirmed cases of sexually transmitted infections.   Natalie calls an individual that was identified by the infected client.  The caller immediately demands to be told the name of the person who identified him as a contact.  Which of the following is the appropriate response by Natalie?


A 68-year-old female client is admitted to the hospital with a stage III decubitus ulcer over her right ischial tuberosity. The client's past medical history includes several chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The most appropriate position for the client is:


A client begins to breathe very rapidly.  Which of the following actions by the practical nurse would be most appropriate?


A physician orders application of an elastic wrap bandage for a client's left leg from toes to mid-thigh.  The practical nurse should do which of the following?


Rishi is from a cultural group that views mental and emotional illnesses as behaviour that is out of control and brings shame upon the family.  Which of the following responses to psychological distress would be most likely to occur for Rishi given his cultural view?


A nurse is interviewing a client who is being treated for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Which of the following is the most important question the nurse should ask the client?


A practical nurse visits an older adults' residence in northern Ontario.  What would be an important safety precaution the practical nurse should suggest to the residents?


A practical nurse is unsure if an 85-year-old male client is manifesting symptoms of dementia or delirium.  What would be the best question the nurse should ask the client's two sons?


A mother brings her 3-month-old infant to the health clinic.  She mentions that her baby has long episodes of crying with apparent abdominal pain.  The infant is formula-fed.  Based on the mother's concerns, what would be an appropriate initial nursing intervention for the infant?


A practical nurse completes a preoperative checklist for a client prior to an early morning surgery. The nurse obtains the client's vital signs; temperature 97.4°F (36°C), radial pulse 84 strong and regular, respirations 16 and unlaboured, and blood pressure 132/74. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?


According to their body mass index (BMI) and body shape, which of the following clients have the highest risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type 2 diabetes?


A 10-year-old boy is seen in a clinic for evaluation and treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  Medication has been prescribed for the boy.  As for family counseling, the practical nurse teaches the parents strategies when it comes to applying the medication.  Which of the following statements by the parents indicates that additional teaching is needed?


Multiple set of parents of elementary-school children have rallied together to question why the topic of sexuality is being included in the Grade 5 health curriculum.  The school's practical nurse makes a presentation about the sexual health component of the curriculum at a parent-teacher meeting.  Which of the following statements explains why sexuality is being taught at a younger age?


Maria and Cathy are both practical nurses working the night shift on at long-term care facility.  Maria completes her initial shift assessment on the client assigned to her care.  An hour lager, Cathy finds Maria asleep in the lounge.  Maria remains asleep for the next 3 hours and then wakes up do her client rounds.  What should Cathy do in this situation?


A newly graduated practical nurse is recently hired at a psychiatric outpatient clinic.  A practical nurse chats with a young client in distress who mentions he has a gender identity disorder.  He feels he is a female trapped in a man's body.  What is the most effective action taken by the practical nurse?


A nurse manager at a long-term care facility is holding a meeting with the nursing team to discuss management decisions to reduce staffing on the unit.  During the discussion, one of the practical nurses yells profanity at the nurse manager.  The nurse manager should set limits of unacceptable behaviour including consequences that are enforceable, appropriate and ____________.