CSEP-CPT Sample Questions

CSEP-CPT Sample Questions

Note:  This CSEP-CPT sample exam contains 10 questions.  The complete CSEP-CPT practice exams contain 60 questions each. Good luck!


In order to be stratified as low risk, a client must meet which of the following conditions?

i. Male less than forty-five years of age or female less than fifty-five years

ii. Asymptomatic

iii. Have no risk factors for cardiovascular or pulmonary disease

iv. Have one risk factor for cardiovascular or pulmonary disease


A certified personal trainer has been seen incremental levels of improvement for his client, Kevin, whose goal is to increase his muscular strength.  As Kevin's fitness level improves, what may become less important?


A CPT is designing a fitness program for Gail, who is a 60-year-old female with arthritis and osteoporosis.  Initially, the personal trainer should prescribe what type of exercises for Gail?


A five-year-old boy sitting in the personal training waiting area suddenly grasps his throat and appears to be in distress. Unable to breathe, the boy attempts to stand. The personal trainer recognizing the signs of an airway obstruction should administer:


Which physiological adaptation is expected after a client has participated in an aerobic-training program?


What type of characteristics would be associated with type IIx muscle fibres?


William is a new client. He is a 40-year-old, a non-smoker, and enjoys cycling and playing tennis. He is healthy, except for mild lateral epicondylitis and takes a beta-blocker. He has done his initial interview, clearance, and assessments. Which of the following guidelines would you gave him for target effort range for his cardiovascular workouts for gains in aerobic fitness?


A personal trainer is designing an effective training program for a new client.  For healthy clients, what should have an initial basic training load?


A certified personal trainer fails to spot a client performing heavy incline dumbbell presses.  The client injures himself when the dumbbell is dropped on his face.  Which of the following identifies the appropriate type of negligence displayed in this scenario?


Brian, a 30-year-old male athlete, would like to know his Heart Rate Reserve (HRR).  He woke up this morning with a resting heart rate of 70 beats per second.   What is his HRR?