MCQ Sample Exam

CMTO MCQ Sample Questions

Note:  This MCQ sample exam contains 15 questions.  Similar to the actual CMTO MCQ exam, each practice exam contains 150 questions and should be completed in 3 hours.  Good luck!


If a massage therapist is convicted of sexual abuse of a client, the CMTO discipline committee will publish a report of the offence.  Which of the following would be true about the report?


A massage therapist has been in practice for the past 5 years and has maintained a level of consistency in her office. The facilities are always clean and the clients are kept up to date about any changes. The RMT is always on time and changes appointments only when sick or something truly unavoidable occurs. The practice is flourishing and clients regularly refer friends and family for treatments. Which of the following is the most likely reason for the therapist’s success?


Which of the following structures forms the lateral wall of the nasal cavity?

4. What test is being performed in the following image?



These thin filaments are a major component of the contractile apparatus of the skeletal muscle:

6. Which orthopedic test is performed when your client places his legs in a figure four position, and then slowly lowering his flexed knee towards the table?


A client requires stretching to target a tight extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. The RMT must apply the following technique:

8. Which of the following muscles are you stretching when you apply passive forced dorsiflexion to your client's foot while his knee is flexed?


A massage therapist instructs a patient to perform a stretch as shown in the image.  This type of stretch would most likely be used to stretch the:


What does a positive sign for Apley's scratch test indicate?


This movement is produced entirely by an active contraction of the muscles:


What is a massage therapy consideration for treatment work on a client whose medication (Rx) is Lyrica?


With your client prone and the arm at a 90 degree angle hanging off the side of the table, how do you find the muscle belly of the middle fibers of the trapezius?


___________ is used by the massage therapist during treatments and by the client after treatment as self-care. It includes range of motion, resistance exercise, and stretching.


An RMT is performing joint end-feel assessment on a client's knee. Which of the following is the correct description of a hard end-feel?