CMTBC LEP Sample Questions

CMTBC LEP Sample Questions

1. Sarah is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) working in British Columbia, Canada. She received a notice from the Quality Assurance Committee requesting her to complete a practice assessment form approved by the Registrar. What is the deadline for Sarah to complete and return the form to the Quality Assurance Committee?

2. Linda an RMT registered in BC, has been charged with an offence under a provincial statute in Alberta. What is her duty according to section 77 of the Act?

3. Nicole is an RMT in BC, Canada, who ran an advertisement for her massage therapy services in a local newspaper. What is Nicole required to do in accordance with the BC Health Professions Act and the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC) advertising guidelines, after running an advertisement for her massage therapy services in a local newspaper?

4. Hands of Gold Massage Therapy Corporation is applying for a permit to provide massage therapy services to the public in BC. Who can be designated as the person responsible for ensuring the corporation's compliance with the College's requirements?

5. What is required for any changes made to a Health Care Record according to the Standards for Patient Records?

6. An RMT is working with a patient who speaks a language that the RMT is not familiar with. The RMT should:

7. Anna, an RMT in BC, Canada, is preparing to treat a new patient, Fiona. Before delivering massage therapy, what must Anna do to obtain Fiona's consent?

8. What is an RMT's responsibility regarding maintaining equipment in their practice environment?

9. A massage therapist makes unqualified statements about the therapeutic benefit that a patient will experience as a result of treatment. What ethical duty has the massage therapist violated?

10. Patricia is an RMT who has been experiencing personal problems lately that have been affecting her ability to provide quality care to her patients. She is aware of her personal problems but has not sought any help yet. Which ethical duty from the Code of Ethics for RMTs in BC is Patricia not fulfilling?

11. Gail, an RMT in BC, Canada, has a patient who requests treatment for a condition that is outside of her scope of practice. Which ethical duty of RMTs does this scenario relate to?

12. As an RMT in British Columbia, you have a patient who has recently become incapable of making decisions about their healthcare. The patient had previously created an advance directive. Which of the following statements about advance directives in BC is TRUE?

13. Susan, a registered massage therapist in BC, is approached by a client who asks for a prescription for pain medication. What is the appropriate action for Susan to take?

14. During a public health emergency, the provincial health officer of British Columbia issues an emergency order allowing registered massage therapists (RMTs) to perform a specified activity that they would not normally be permitted to do under a health profession regulation. What limits or conditions may be set on this authorization?

15. As an RMT working in British Columbia, can you enforce a contract made with an infant?

16. In which situations must an organization notify an individual that it will be collecting their employee personal information without their consent?

17. What is the principle that states personal information should be collected by fair and lawful means?

18. How can an organization ensure that the personal information it collects is accurate, complete and current?

19. Under what circumstances can an organization collect personal information from another source without an individual's consent for employment purposes under PIPA?

20. What must an organization provide to an applicant who requests access to his or her personal information, unless PIPA allows or requires refusal of access?