CMTBC – Knowledge and Theory of Sciences Exam – Sample Questions

Note:  This CMTBC sample exam contains 15 questions.  Similar to the actual CMTBC - Knowledge and Theory of Sciences Exam, each practice exam contains 170 questions and should be completed in 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Good luck!


Smooth, Cardiac, and Skeletal are all specialized types of which of the following four types of tissues?


Which one of the following is a possible title for a quantitative research study?


Which structure forms the lateral wall of the nasal cavity?


_______ is a chronic inflammation disorder characterized by bronchospasm which is reversible over time either spontaneously or following treatment


These thin filaments are a major component of the contractile apparatus of the skeletal muscle:

6. Which orthopedic test is performed when your client places his legs in a figure four position, and then slowly lowering his flexed knee towards the table?


Which test is used to evaluate a client's strength of their muscles and tendons?

8. Which of the following muscles is the client stretching when he applies passive forced dorsiflexion to his foot while his knee is flexed?


What mode of transmission is represented by the entry of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins through the oral cavity and gastrointestinal tract?


Which of the following is an extrinsic disorder that can cause frozen shoulder?


Which somatic motor pathway is caring nerve impulses directly from primary motor cortex to the spinal cord?


Active trigger points in this muscle decrease maximum chest expansion and causes the patient to feel a shortness of breath:


With your client prone and the arm at a 90 degree angle hanging off the side of the table, how do you find the muscle belly of the middle fibers of the trapezius?


___________ is used by the therapist during treatments and by the client after treatment as self-care. It includes range of motion, resistance exercise, and stretching.


Decreasing sinus congestion is a reflexive effect of what type of treatment technique?