REx-PN Exam Breakdown

The REx-PN theory exam consist of 90 to 150 multiple choice questions with an allotted time to complete in 6 hours. Please note, 30 questions are pretest items that are not scored.

The follow is a breakdown of the number of questions the candidate will see on the REx-PN exam:



Exam Format Passing Grade
REx-PN 90 to 150 Multiple Choice Questions Click here


REx-PN Breakdown:


Category Percentage Weight
Safe and Effective Care Environment  
Management of Care 18-24%
Safety and Infection Control 9-16%
Physiological Integrity  
Basic Care and Comfort 6-12%
Reduction of Risk Potential 8-14%
Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies 14-20%
Physiological Adaptation 11-17%
Psychosocial Integrity 8-14%
Health Promotion and Maintenance 6-12%
Total 100%


To see the complete test plan breakdown click here.