Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the exam format for the NCLEX-RN? 

NCLEX-RN exam is a computer-adaptive testing format that measures the difficulty level vs. the number of questions. This format actively and continuously adapts to the test taker’s ability level and provides each writer with a unique set and number of questions.



How many attempts are allowed to pass the NCLEX-RN? 

You can attempt the nursing exam three up to 3 times. You’ll receive information about how you performed in each test area of the exam. You can use this info to guide your study plans for your next attempt if you fail in your first attempt.



What is the time limit to complete the exam?

The time limit for the NCLEX-RN exam is five hours long and the number of questions range from 75 to 145 questions.  This 5-hour time allocation includes the introductory screen, any breaks to stretch or go to the washroom.  All breaks are optional.



Is there a time limit from the date of registration? 

Yes.  Your NCLEX registrations will remain open for a 365-day time period during which a nursing regulatory body (NRB) can determine your eligibility.  Once eligible, must test within the validity dates printed on the authorization to test (ATT).



Can my exam date window be extended?

No unfortunately the authorization to test (ATT) validity dates cannot be extended for any reason. If you do not test within these dates you will have to forfeit both the NCLEX registration and the registration fee.



Are Quick Results available in Canada?

Quick Results refers to the “unofficial” NCLEX results being available after 2 business days. This service available on the NCLEX Candidate website at, however, is not available for a candidate seeking licensure/registration in Canada.



What if I’m denied eligibility? 

Candidates who are denied eligibility or not made eligible by their nursing regulatory bodies (NRBs) within the 365-day time period will forfeit their NCLEX registration.  This includes their registration fee.



Will I be tested on United States health care system?

No.  The NCLEX-RN exam will not cover questions relating to legislation for United States health care system and Canadian health care system.



Is my privacy safe as a Canadian student writing the NCLEX-RN?

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) completed in 2014 indicated that delivery of the NCLEX-RN complied with all Canadian legislation related to privacy, disclosure and information use.